Posted on Oct 18, 2020

Itinerant Minister Ralf Friedrichs

Heavenly father I thank you for this beautiful Sunday morning.
I awake from a deep sleep this morning and I have the strength for this day.
I thank you for giving me another chance at life and for a fresh start.
Because of you, I have another chance to make things right today
Because of your mercy, forgiveness is made real and I am able to let go of yesterday’s mess for a fresh start today.
Because of your grace, the gift of life is entrusted into my hands so that I can live wisely.
Because of your love, I am spared new moments and a brand new beginning in life is given to me.
Thank you for the grace, hope, faith and love released on earth that help make today worth living.

Father, open my ears to hear your instructions today.
Help me be receptive to what you say to me at all times.
Give me the vision to see this day in the way you need me to see it.
Cause my heart to be aligned with your heart.
May this world will become a better place as you work through me today.
I pray that I will be more responsible in the things that you have committed to my hands.
May I be more proactive and less reactive in situations around me.
Lord, order my steps and direct my paths.
Let every decision I make today be in line with your will.
I pray that my actions will be aligned to your plans for me this day.
Help me to lean and rest in you throughout today.
I pray in Jesus name. Amen

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